Achieving complex, technical deliverables on time, within scope, and on budget is


technical deliverables
quantitative insights

Upeaa is a boutique consulting and contracting company that applies deep experience in quantitative research, analysis, and technical writing to projects requiring these ingredients for success. 

multifaceted expertise

We bring core expertise in STEM activities and deliverables, and over 40 years of combined experience in technologies and applications spanning molecular biology, microbiology, neurophysiology, physics, biophysics, applied physics, optics, and optoelectronics.

industries and services

We offer services for medtech, biotech, and analytical instruentation sectors including technical writing services, project management services, and scientific hardware deployment services.

what makes us tick

Upeaa – it’s Finnish for wonderful.

We’re not Finnish, but we do majorly crush on Finnish sisu.

Dedication, hard work, determination, tenacity – it’s an esprit that resonates with our character.

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Reach out to discuss how we can tailor our services to support your technical project needs.

Team work makes the dream work. Let’s be the dream team, together.

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